Your donation is in Great Hands!


Your individual donation is  Tax Deductible and will be used to meet the goals and objectives of its educational services provided at no cost to low-income youth and residents.  Your donation allows LUKCYO to maintain its exemplary programs that diverts the anger, frustration, and negative attitudes of the youth into positive learning experiences and constructive activities.  We encourage diversity throughout our program and are happy to service youth in all areas from the inner city of Kansas City to the Johnson County suburbs. 



Your Donation helps fund the following programs:


Educational Programs


ACT/SAT Preparation, Practice & Exams we offer our students the opportunity to prepare take practice exams and to take the ACT/SAT Tests.  We provide Practice exams and online training for successful completion of this exam. Once a student is ready we pay for the actual exam for youths in underprivileged situations.

Tutoring-  We Would Like to offer Bi-Monthly peer led tutoring for students that need help in core subjects (Math, Science, English & Social Studies).  This program allows us to give peer tutors valuable community service hours and an opportunity to build their college application resume.  It also allows students struggling in one or more of these subjects the critical tutoring needed to take their educational career to the next level. 


Recreational Programs


Team KC Basketball provides competitive basketball teams for boys in grades 7-12.  The program includes organized practices and individual workouts, operated by coaches who mentor the student-athletes.  The teams participate in city, regional and national tournaments.  The travel, cultural events and college visits are opportunities they would not otherwise receive. The high school participants must participate in the high school and college mentoring activities.  Team coaches serve as mentors, academic advisors and parent's liaisons.  Student Athletes are required to perform community service and attend mentoring and tutoring activities.  

Roosevelt Cooper Memorial Grant Fund

Awarded to a local student athlete who has shown great sportsmanship on the court and has ensured academic success.  This $500 Grant is voted upon by our board members and given to as many High school seniors as the funds budget will allow.  This grant is designed to help with the transition from High School to College and assist with the purchasing of School supplies to use during the freshman year of college.